How to Handle a Shy Guy

Shy guys can be a tough dilemma for women used to handling more assertive men. They are frustratingly silent during visit our website conversations, they take coaxing to come out of their shell and they often seem uncomfortable when dealing with social situations. Shy men are often very sensitive, which can lead to a truly fulfilling relationship. In order to get there, however, an enterprising young woman needs to know how to approach her shy guy properly.
Step 1
Be patient. Shy guys often need time to feel comfortable and pushing the issue is likely to push him away. That doesn’t mean giving up or refusing to work with him about opening himself to you. It simply means knowing that it won’t come overnight.
Step 2
Call him by his name when you speak to him and look him in the eye. The directness–coupled with a friendly demeanor and a sense of affection–indicates a connection between you that transcends the casual. He’s thus more inclined to feel safe with you and more willing to open up.
Step 3
Start the conversation here with open-ended topics. Rather than asking simple questions with “yes” or “no” answers, look for questions that require more thoughtful and complex responses. Keep them light–you want a conversation, not an interrogation–but the more they engage him, the better the give-and-take between you will become.
Step 4
Look for things you have in common. Like all relationships, yours will thrive on topics of mutual interest, and the bond you create will allow him to feel more relaxed and willing to connect with you.
Step 5
See him in circumstances where he’s most comfortable. When he’s in his element–working at something he enjoys or participating in a hobby which he traffic racer cheats ios loves–he’s apt to be much more at ease. Don’t force yourself in if you’re not wanted, but if you can be present during those periods when he’s relaxed, he’s more likely to associate you with those feelings and feel safer communicating with you.
Step 6
Ask for assistance on a minor task or another. If he’s handy around the house, have him unclog your sink or repair your toaster. If he knows cars, see if he can change your oil for you. Those little gestures indicate your confidence in him and let him know that his skills are in need.
Step 7
Be supportive. Compliment him when you see him and let him know you’re there for him. Make sure you stay honest and sincere when you do so; phony compliments are likely to make him clam up, but a little praise can do wonders for his self esteem.
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